The impact of acoustics is enormous. The influence of disturbing reflections and energy build-up on the living environment is often greatly underestimated. Modern architecture and interior design offer little resistance to enthusiastically clattering reflections and cause unrest and limited intelligibility. For us, fine acoustics are characterized by a controlled and balanced combination of absorption and reflection in which reverberation is controlled without becoming dry or dead. Whether it’s a living room where a beautiful hi-fi system is listened to, a luxury restaurant or an office – we are ready to take on any acoustic challenge.


Optimizing the acoustics around a high-quality audio system requires specific and special knowledge. Thanks to our experience with the very best audio components, international training courses and custom solutions, we are able to get the most out of every audio system. From optimization of an existing system in the living room to a dedicated listening room or private cinema, we can advise you and realize the optimal solution with our own interior builder. Visual integration plays a major role for us here. Simply because we would like to have music and film speak, not the technology. In our Experience Center you experience our approach from the moment get in.

Our method is simple. We map out your space acoustically, make a plan followed by a design and then execute everything down to the last detail. But of course everything starts with a good conversation. We’re here to help. Be our guest to experience and get informed.

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