Good sound creates atmosphere. Whether as background music with a glass of wine or a compelling soundtrack for the film – a warm and balanced sound makes every experience more intense. Reference Sounds symbolizes that magical experience of music and film and we want to share that with everyone. Even if you prefer not to see the technology and products. With a range of fantastic loudspeakers from barely invisible to completely invisible and a huge experience and knowledge of sound and acoustics, we offer solutions that blend seamlessly into the interior. Custom Install, but completely in Reference Sounds style.

In addition to products that like to be placed in plain sight, Revel and JBL Synthesis also offer a wide range of models that can be tightly integrated into the wall or ceiling. Loudspeakers of unprecedented quality, designed and built according to the same philosophy and strict quality requirements, but optimized for installation. Ambiance sound throughout the house to integrated surround setup, we have the perfect solution.


Our built-in loudspeakers are equipped with a minimalistic, paintable grill which makes them blend in perfectly with the interior. However, with JBL’s Conceal models it is also possible to hide the speakers invisibly in the wall. This ingenious speakers will be after placement stuccoed or papered with the wall. You experience an impressive sound but you really don’t see anything. With a choice between three different models and a subwoofer, you are able to surround yourself with sound without even seeing it. Sounds too good to be true? Make an appointment at the Reference Sounds Experience Center and be amazed!


We can best describe the JBL Conceal Series loudspeakers as stucco loudspeakers for placement into the wall or ceiling. A combination of super powerful drivers that are linked via a closed air space to a specially developed ultra-thin glass fiber front panel ensures the sound reproduction. The fiberglass panel can be incorporated into the wall like a normal plasterboard. The seams are provided with gauze tape, thinly coated with plaster several times and sanded smooth to the inside of the glass fiber panel. JBL guarantees optimum operation up to approx. 2mm material thickness on the panel. Then the wall is painted in its entirety and the loudspeakers disappear completely out of sight. Won’t that tear? We often hear that question and it is of course very understandable. But with proper processing, it won’t happen. Of course the fiberglass panel vibrates to the rhythm of the music, but the combination of the large surface area with minimal axial movement and the special geometry makes the edges virtually silent and you can enjoy the invisible JBL speakers even after many years.


Reference Sounds Custom is also custom sound solutions for restaurants, entertainment areas and companies. No unsightly loudspeakers that thump one visitor in the ear while two tables away are asking for a little more volume, but integrated solutions with an even coverage of the entire room. High-quality sound that rolls around you like a warm blanket. Full of sound at background level and flaming when the tables move to the side. In addition, our solutions directly address two common challenges at the root: good audio for everyone and comfortable acoustics. Curious what we can do for you? Make an appointment in the Reference Sounds Experience Center and learn about the possibilities.

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