“Okay, we admit, we have a huge weakness for beautiful audio products. As a young boy I strolled through the city every week, window shopping past all the hi-fi shops, staring at the amplifier with the most beautiful potentiometer. ‘There you have it again…’ The love for technology and its influence on good sound was there early on. After a graphic education, attention quickly shifted to electronics, motivated to understand what was hidden behind the front and that shiny potentiometer. Actually during the MTS electrical engineering I ended up as a repairman at a technical department of audio products. There I tinkered with a Mark Levinson for the first time and was immediately sold. The massiveness and precision of those designs, masterly. That passion for perfection, everything from the wanting to pick up technique in the service of the music is the continuous inspiration. Like a little boy in a candy store. A feeling that has never gone away.”


Music is art. A more or less organized coherence of sounds that seem to be directly related to our emotions. Reproducing that art as accurately as possible is our ultimate mission. Superior reproduction that makes you feel like you’re really there, experiencing your favorite artist as if he were standing in front of you – it’s a huge kick. We are happy to share that passion for the ultimate sound through our knowledge and our great products.

Official BeNeLux Distributor


The difference between High-End and just good is in the detail. Care and attention for every facet of the design, zooming in on every step, always asking the question what could be improved. With that aim, our brands build the most beautiful products. Each with their own technical philosophy and sound properties. Precise, pure and fast like Mark Levinson. Glowing, powerful and rich like Dan D’Agostino. Airy, light-hearted and open like Ayre Acoustics. They all color their own palette with their own subtle accents. The question is therefore not which product is the best, but which product touches you the most. A search that we are happy to help you with. With support from our selected dealers, this is also possible – by appointment – with us, in the Reference Sounds Experience Center where you can fully experience our beautiful brands.


Sound and space are inextricably linked. Every room has its own fingerprint on the sound. The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Doelen in Rotterdam, the Musikverein in Vienna, they all have their own character. It is no different at our house. Just like the orchestra’s adaptability to the characteristics of the concert hall, the interaction between loudspeaker and listening room has a huge influence on the end result. Knowledge of the interaction between loudspeaker and acoustics is therefore a requirement to take a good system to magic. If desired, we go further than just placing the speakers and optimize the space with a focus on the best possible sound balance. Be inspired by the possibilities and our acoustic solutions in the Reference Sounds Experience Center.


All our brands build on a long history. That’s why at Reference Sounds we don’t just smile at the newest of the newest, but also at the models of the past. We understand better than anyone how annoying it is when there is a defect. We are happy to do maintenance and repairs. Where possible and necessary with original components and with the greatest care and respect. And even if we never make a new golden oldy again, we will do everything we can to get it as fit as possible.

Official BeNeLux Distributor