A Revel loudspeaker cannot be compared with other loudspeakers. Simply because it is not developed like other loudspeakers. While many speakers are the brainchild of a single designer with the golden ears, Revel is the product of years of research, measurement procedures, test protocols and blind listening tests. Developed along a clear guideline formed by countless studies into our perception of realistic rendering. For example, every Revel loudspeaker, regardless of model or price, is not only optimized for a balanced reproduction right in front of the speaker, but also next to it. A property that is reflected by a uniform radiation behavior and a dead straight frequency characteristic. An endeavor as ingenious as it is simple when we know that the sound image at the listening position is the sum of direct and reflected sound. A Revel loudspeaker is only put into production if it is voted the best by various listening panels during blinded listening sessions. This unique approach gives each Revel an unprecedented price-performance ratio.

Revel loudspeakers are dynamic, linear and controlled. The balanced reproduction paints a grand sound image that is not only reserved for the lucky in the sweet spot. If you like timing, power and above all honest sound, Revel is undoubtedly a good choice.


As far as we’re concerned, the speakers of the American Revel are a kind of undiscovered gems in High End Audio. While many manufacturers devote a huge chunk of their budget to marketing, Revel prefers to invest in research and development. The engineers in Northridge therefore have a series of unique test and measurement systems developed in-house, such as the ‘double blind listening room’ and the ‘spinorama’, which map out the radiation behavior of the loudspeaker by means of about 70 automated measurements. Each loudspeaker bundles the radiated energy to a greater or lesser extent. The higher the frequency, the stronger the bundling. The challenge lies in such a homogeneous radiation behavior as possible, with the transition from midrange to tweeter in particular being the biggest bottleneck. While the midrange already radiates its energy quite specifically as a result of its relatively large diameter in relation to the radiated frequency (wavelength), the spread of the tweeter is still very large. Around that transition, we often see a huge dip in the frequency course next to the axis of the speaker. And although that may not seem so important at first glance, it is precisely this energy that determines our sound image via walls, floor and other reflections. The sound at the listening position is always the sum of the direct and reflected sound. A balanced reproduction of all frequencies off the axis of the loudspeaker is therefore crucial for a homogeneous reproduction. Every Revel therefore relies on the specially shaped Revel WaveGuide – an ellipsoidal cup around the tweeter that perfectly adapts the tweeter’s radiance to the midrange radiance. A Revel loudspeaker therefore provides a measuring plate to lick your fingers. All tones are reproduced super linearly and that is how a Revel sounds. It is therefore the science behind the loudspeaker and especially the relationship between reflected and direct sound that make every Revel loudspeaker what it is: honest and neutral in sound, easy to place with a widely enjoyable stage.


Revel includes a wide range of phenomenal loudspeakers that differ mainly in quality of construction and components. Not in the design process. This philosophy contributes to an exceptional synergy between all models, making Revel loudspeakers particularly suitable for multi-channel and custom install applications.

Revel’s Architectural series deliver big sound without the visual presence of speakers. A wide range of inwall and ceiling inwall speakers including subwoofer and center speaker for stereo, multi-room and surround configurations. Uncompromising reproduction of music and movie sound, seamlessly integrated into the interior.


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Revel F328BE


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